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In response to the growing demand for advanced biofuels education, Biomass Energy Journal is producing an industry Summit and a first-of-it’s-kind Biomass to Liquids hands-on workshop on October 12-13, 2010 in Portland, Oregon. Tickets go on sale today.

Attendees are going to get an in-depth look at topics including:

- Biomass Petroleum: averting drilling disasters with land based biomass
- The factors driving the growth of the biofuels industry
- Economic forecasting the next 5 years of growth
- Biofuels mandates
- Renewable portfolio standards
- Grants & incentives
- An overview of our available biomass resources
- Food versus fuel. Why second generation fuels win in a world of limited resources
- Dedicated energy crops
- Fuel upgrading through torrefaction and pelleting
- Clean combustion technologies
- Distributed power through gasification
- Combined heat and power
- Fischer Tropsch diesel
- Ethanol from wood waste
- Green gasoline
- Unlocking the huge potential in algae biofuels
- Tri-generation: Developing integrated utility/refiners
- Smart grid
- Biofuel distribution
- Project financing
- Developing supply chain models that kick start the industry
and much more …

The hands-on workshop will take attendees into the lab to produce diesel fuels from beetle kill and construction debris. Get an in-depth view of how biomass to liquids technologies work and the technical details for scale up.

Space is limited, so purchase tickets early. Sponsorship and exhibit opportunities are also available.

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