Biomass Fuels Summit 2010



THANK YOU to everyone that participated at the Biomass Fuels Summit 2010.  It was a terrific success!  A high quality event where networking was at it’s prime with access to decision makers that is unheard of and this is based on what participants said was their Number One “happy” point.  Everyone commented on the incredible quality of the speakers and the  access to cutting edge information and how it was just amazing.  Come back in a couple of weeks and we’ll have the powerpoint presentations on this site once we get speakers approval to do so.  We’ve got some exciting new developments happening as well so keep in touch!!!  You will also see a way for you to join our newsletter via our News site in a couple of weeks.  A must do to be on top of the latest trends, research, grants, loans, incentives, programs and how the West is developing in the bioenergy fields.


Here is  Annika Krystal, Producer/Organizer of the Biomass Fuels Summit and John Plaza, President/CEO/Founder, Imperium Renewables, Moderator  at the Biomass Fuels Summit 2010.  It was very nice of John to be the Moderator at the Biomass Fuels Summit.  He did a great job keeping the Summit moving at a perfect pace.



Here is  Chris Cassidy,  Acting Chief, Business Specialty Lenders Division, Energy Branch, Rural Development, USDA (the Acting Energy Branch Chief at USDA National Headquarters in Washington D.C.).   In addition, he is the Western and Pacific Region Energy Coordinator for USDA) speaking at the Biomass Fuels Summit 2010.  It was vital to hear him speak to gain insights on what is happening on a National level but to be able to shake his hand and talk to him one on one.   Normally people like this get whisked away into a private room where you never hear or see them again.   He and all the other speakers were so gracious to let the audience talk to them privately.  What an honor and great job all the speakers did to let the audience approach them and talk about real business issues to move the bioenergy/biofuels industry forward.  Thank you to all of our incredible speakers like Chris Cassidy, Shawn Johnson, National Department of Transportation Grants Manager, Alex Schroeder of the Western Governors Association and everyone else who are also just as great and important (please look at the Agenda to see who gave a great speech).

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Two of our country’s biggest challenges are economic growth and energy independence.

Both are solved through biofuels. Of the 36 billion gallons mandated by congress, 20 billion gallons must come from cellulosic and woody biomass derived biofuels by 2022. With only a tiny fraction of that capacity installed and only 12 years to meet the goal, it is now urgent that action is taken to meet these standards and create a new generation of high paying clean technology jobs in the biofuels sector, the way the internet did for information technology.

This Biomass Fuels Summit is being called to organize stakeholders in the Western Region together behind the USDA’s biofuels roadmap, garner public feedback and create a framework for funding and implementation of the roadmap. Everyone with a stake in biomass and renewable fuels is invited to attend and participate. Together we will create good jobs stretching from rural communities to the high tech centers of the Pacific Northwest and beyond.


Creating a Path to Meet Our National Biofuels Goals of 36 Billion Gallons by 2022

We will be covering the USDA Regional Roadmap report and inviting stakeholders to share their ideas and commitments to developing advanced biofuels in their region.

USDA Head Tom Vilsack


“If we get to 36 billion gallons of renewable fuels produced, which is what congress has established as the threshold by 2022; we will see 95 billion dollars of capital infusion into the construction of bio-refineries across the country. And we will see somewhere between 800,000 and 900,000 jobs created, blue collar jobs with white collar wages in rural America.”

8/20/2010, Salem Oregon


Maximizing Grants, Mandates and Incentives

Stop applying for grants and start winning them. Learn about all the upcoming grants in 2011 and give your feedback to the agencies on the type of programs your business needs. Find out about all the market indicators working in your favor to launch your business, research or project.

U.S. Department of Transportation Research and Planning Program

Shawn Johnson, National Research and Development Program at the US Department of Transportation.


EPA Biomass Ruling and the Policy Landscape

We have invited the EPA to explain it’s rationale behind it’s latest rulings on biomass and any planned future rulings. Mark Goodin with Olympic Clean Air Authority will go over the 15 pathways of biomass emissions and their GHG footprint. More resources at

YouTube Preview Image


Oregon Congressman Kurt Schrader

Congressman Schrader was one of 63 members of Congress to sign a letter to the EPA in protest of it’s recent ruling on biomass





Better Boiler Fuels

Can we co-partner biofuels production with solid fuels production to produce superior quality chips from waste heat, chips that meet EPA standards at around the same cost per BTU? This could save many boilers from having to switch to natural gas and save the industry millions in compliance costs. We want your feedback.

Will Biofuels Pick Up Where Cheap Oil Leaves Off?

Supply pressures are on the horizon as oil companies go deeper and deeper looking for oil, leading to environmental catastrophe’s like the Gulf Oil Spill. Will biofuels be up to the task in time? Learn about Green Gasoline, 2nd generation diesel and ethanol, bio-crude oil, algae fuels and much more.


Is Technology the Wildcard in the Equation?

Advances in catalysts, processes and gasification technology are shrinking the size and cost of systems, making them available on a much broader basis than ever before. Small scale gasifiers like the Victory Gasifier pictured to the left are capable of combined heat and power right now and will be producing personal scale fuels in the near future. Will the latest thermal conversion technologies catapult biomass to the forefront with an array of fossil fuel replacements like: bio-oil, bio-coal, liquid fuels and CHP?


How Do I Get the Best ROI With My Biomass Waste?

Learn how low grade biomass is transformed from a liability into a renewable energy asset. How can waste producers boost their bottom lines with biofuels, biochar and heating fuels like torrefied biomass?

How Do We Create More Energy Jobs and Grow This Economy?

Join top business leaders during a business round table to discuss how renewable energy is growing the economy and what can be done to provide more support for entrepreneurs and project developers. Will a new business model break the industry wide open? Where is the reliable end user financing that makes everything possible?

Attendees want to know how the renewable energy landscape is changing beneath their feet. How can you come out on top when everything is changing so rapidly? Where are the opportunities now? Virtually all advanced biofuels rely on biomass. How has the EPA factored this into their ruling? Join your peers in the industry to answer these questions.

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Day 2

Don’t miss a worldwide first on October 13th! We will be holding a hands-on workshop producing biofuels using four different conversion processes. Never before in one public event have these technologies come together to make advanced biofuels side by side.


Being taught together for the first time!


Be one of the few people in the world who have made advanced biofuels from four of the leading conversion methods. In a hands-on setting we will explore the latest in biofuels production with gasifiers, chemicals, catalysts, reactors and much more. This is essential learning for anyone currently in or entering the biofuels industry.

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